If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

We usually reply within one business day.

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    1. Contact us
      Please contact us using the inquiry form. Please send us a brief description of your project.
    2. Hearing
      A representative will contact you. We will listen to your requests via email, chat, phone, web conference, etc.
    3. Proposal and Estimate
      Based on the hearing, we will make the project concrete. We will propose a possible plan to the customer and provide an estimate.
    4. Contact
      Once both parties have agreed on the plan, we conclude the contract.
    5. Provision of Services
      Development and production will be carried out based on the contents of the proposal. We will periodically check the progress of the project and adjust the contents as needed.
    6. Confirmation and Delivery
      We will confirm the deliverables and deliver them. For contracts with no fixed time frame, we will continuously and periodically check the status.
    7. Payment
      We will issue an invoice at the end of the month. Please make payment at the end of the following month.

    Please feel free to contact us
    If you have any questions or concerns.